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When it comes to cake decorating, usually my mind is full of ideas. In fact, I have sooo many I really can't keep them all in my head. Some get lost because I forget to write them down, some I write down and then lose (note to self - post-its are not a good way to keep ideas safe), some I write down in my journal, but scrap them later and what is left, you get to see in my shop.
I draw inspiration from everywhere - from my kids, storybooks, other artists, Pinterest, ... So this blog is intended to feature some of that inspiration and also other artists who make amazing things, which combined with my toppers, would make an awesome party. Hey maybe I'll share a tutorial or two as well.
So I hope this is the start of a fun community of like-minded makers, DIY-ers, fellow moms or just curious passersby.
Till then,

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