About me


Hi, my name is Zenja and I want to help you transform your cake into a beautiful creation for your kids.

 I see you there … just like most of us, you are busy. Maybe you are a stay at home mom or a working mom or a grandma or a friend. Although you love planning that party, you just can’t do it all alone. Now imagine if someone put all their efforts and love into making the decorations that were just perfect for your party. That’s where I come in.

Like so many others, who didn't decorate cakes before, I first discovered fondant, when I wanted my son's first birthday cake to be special. It wasn't perfect, far from it, especially to me (being kind of a perfectionist), but it wasn't half bad for my first try. I would have loved to say that this was it, I was hooked ... but it wasn't love at first touch. Having a full-time job and a small kid really didn't leave much time for such things. Every year I would still make a special cake for him and later for his little brother, trying new things and designs. But it wasn't until a friend asked me to make a fondant topper for her son's cake, that I saw that I could make other kids happy with my creations as well. AND that was it ... I was hooked.


Slowly but surely my hobby grew and turned into a worldwide business. It has become something that lets me transform my creative ideas into cute toppers that make kids smile. These toppers are not something you will find in a supermarket. Every single topper is handmade with top precision and lots of love, guaranteeing the best quality. And who else can say that their topper came from the heart of Europe?

 So browse through my shop, choose whatever you want or if you want something special, send me a message. It’s a win-win situation; I’ll jump from joy (yes, I still get excited about every new order) and instead of worrying about party décor, you’ll be able to spend that extra time with the person for whom your order is really for.

Thank you for choosing my shop!

Love from sLOVEnia